Sunday, September 23, 2007

Airplane Ride

We went to our local airport this afternoon for our first ever airplane ride! One family in our homeschool group is also involved in Young Eagles so we all were given this amazing opportunity! We (Megan, Ryan, and I - Jodi was chicken) rode in a 1958 Cessna. It was fun, exciting, breath-taking, and terrifying all at the same time! We went up to 3500 feet! Megan c0-piloted with Mike (the owner) and she absolutely LOVED it! Ryan and I sat in the back seat (a LOT bigger than it appears) and held on to each other for dear life! Neither one of us liked the turns at all! Mike took us over a couple corn mazes - that was too cool! Megan could've stayed up there forever, however Ryan kept asking when were we going to land! It was an awesome field trip!! Here is a pic of the type of plane we were in:
Here's a short clip of us taking off on the runway:


Sheree said...

Sounds like great fun, for those who LIKE to fly at least. When I flew to Colorado a few years ago it was the first time I flew. You should have seen me sitting next to this business man. I was like a little kid, all excited, and checking everything out, actually listening when the stewardess talked, looking for the air mask, etc. He was very kind and humored me. :o)

Homeschooling Momma said...

LOL - it was a great experience, but not one I look forward to doing again. I finally caught on to how terrified Ryan really was when he pointed to a metal box and asked if that's where the parachutes were. Poor guy!

Sheree said...

I have the opposite thing going on with Jess. She wants to go ... (gulp) skydiving. I'd rather she be inside the plane nervous than flying through the air trusting a big piece of nylon (or whatever the parachutes are made of) to bring my firstborn back to the ground safely!! Megan may be up for that adventure in the future, but at least we can count on Ryan to keep his feet firmly planted on the ground. Ahh the adventures.