Friday, August 24, 2007

My 100th post!

In keeping with tradition I give you 100 things about me. Better go grab a cup of coffee, this may put you to sleep rather quickly. Here goes:
1. My name is Tonya Jeanette. If you call me that I will think I've done something wrong.
2. I was born on November 9, 1974.
3. My mom wanted my name to be Nellie, my dad said he didn't care what she name me, he was going to call me Tonya. (Tonya was the nice lady who lived across the street from dad when he was growing up.)
4. I was also named after my great-aunt Jeanette.
5. I used to hate my middle name.
6. Then when Aunt Jeanette became ill, I realized how lucky I was to to have been the one to carry on her name. She was such a wonderful person.
7. I regret not naming one one of our daughters after me (and her).
8. I am the oldest of 3 children.
9. We were all born within three years.
10. I loved school and was a good student.
11. My favorite subject was math.
12. I was not one of the 'popular' kids. I only had a few friends but they were very dear to me.
13. My first job was at Cash Saver Foods (the kind were you bag your own groceries).
14. My aunt Donna set Hubby and I up.
15. We were engaged 5 months after we met, and were married 5 months after that.
16. I baked my own wedding cake. Another aunt decorated it.
17. My favorite foods are chicken and pasta.
18. I love to cook.
19. I love board games.
20. I become very competitive, which is why nobody will play games with me. I think I get this from my Grandma Rosie.
21. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but what I do is very sentimental to me. My wedding rings, my Mother's ring (which even has my children's names engraved on it), my Brother's gold chain (he gave it to me right before he was shipped to Kuwait), and a 'MOM' charm on it that Jodi picked out for me for Mother's Day when she was 4.
22. I hate to be hot. I get cranky when I'm hot (just ask my kids).
23. I can't stand for anything to be turned up loud. TV, radio, anything - makes me cranky too.
24. I love making homemade gifts.
25. I would rather receive a homemade gift than anything store bought.
26. I'm always afraid that when I give a homemade gift the recipient won't like it.
27. I usually make myself sick about # 26.
28. I homeschool our children. Jodi and Megan for the last 2 years, Ryan since preschool.
29. My greatest fear was teaching Ryan how to read.
30. My greatest accomplishment was teaching Ryan how to read!
31. Followed closely by getting Jodi to understand math in a way she feels confident in doing it herself!
32. I have mostly gray hair.
33. Hubby asked me to quit coloring it - so I did.
34. The coloring wouldn't cover the gray anymore anyhow.
35. I passed out when I got my ears pierced.
36. I don't have any tattoos. Re-read #35.
37. I will only sing if I'm by myself or with my kids.
38. I can't sing.
39. I wish I was one of those people who would sing out loud and not care who heard them.
40. If I'm singing in the car, I stop when I get to a stop sign/light. And when I get close to another car.
41. I laugh at people who sing in their car.
42. While inside I'm jealous of them. Re-read #39.
43. I've never driven a stick-shift.
44. When I was younger, I shifted the gears for my mom when she broke her elbow.
45. I think I could do it (drive a stick-shift).
46. My favorite color is green.
47. My van is green.
48. My house has green trim.
49. Hubby says we're going to paint it white.
50. Hubby bought me an emerald (green) and diamond wrap to go with my engagement ring.
51. I have to renew my driver's license this year.
52. I really dislike doing that.
53. I've never flown in a plane.
54. Megan and I rode in a helicopter at Kings Island.
55. I enjoyed it, but wouldn't be upset if I never do it again.
56. I have 15 nieces and nephews. (And a nephew on the way!)
57. I just realized #56.
58. Hubby and I have TOTAL opposite senses of humor.
59. Hubby, all 3 kids, and I have blue eyes.
60. I'm 5' 2.5" tall.
61. I'm still 1/2" taller than my oldest child.
62. I love to remind her of that.
63. I've never broken a bone.
64. I wouldn't mind it if I never ate red meat again.
65. I could eat chicken every day.
66. I refuse to even try seafood.
67. I love laughing so hard I cry.
68. Being a mom is the only job I've ever wanted.
69. It's still the best job I've ever had!
70. It's also by far the hardest job I've ever had!
71. I am a list person.
72. I usually make a list every morning.
73. I love crossing things off my list.
74. I love writing down little tips to help me to do things better/easier.
75. I used to have stacks of tips lying around everywhere.
76. Now, thanks to Barb's Good Things binder, my tips are being organized in their new home!
77. My favorite number is 7.
78. We recently got a dog.
79. He is a poochon (poodle and bichon frise) named Levi.
80. I didn't think Hubby would ever get a dog. He used to always complain about people who treat their pets like children.
81. Levi has become our 4th child.
82. It cracks me up to watch Hubby with Levi - He has become one of "those people". Re-read #80
83. I wish I was more emotional with the people I love.
84. I won't watch anything that might make me cry.
85. Because I laugh at Hubby for crying.
86. I can't say "I'm sorry".
87. I hate that about myself.
88. I'm really trying to fix that.
89. I've always wanted to live in Montana.
90. I don't know anything at all about Montana.
91. I wonder if they have the beautiful leaves in the fall like Ohio does.
92. I cannot tell others "No", so Hubby does it for me.
93. I strive to help others.
94. I would LOVE to organize (clean out) Hubby's garage.
95. Hubby refuses to let me. He's such a pack rat.
96. I'm addicted to reading blogs!
97. This list was harder to do than I thought.
98. The greatest thing that has ever happened to me was becoming Jim's wife and Jodi's, Megan's, and Ryan's mom.
99. I love the Lord.
100. I can't imagine my life without HIM!
I hope you're still awake. I'm sure you're probably ready for a nap now.


Anonymous said...

rofl at number 22. I too get very crabby when I get hot. If I'm outside working the yard during the summer, the kids know well enough to not be around me,lol. Sad isn't it?

Homeschooling Momma said...

So sad (lol). IF I was to be outside, my kids take turns bringing me something to drink then running away. They are smart ones.

AutumnFawn said...

So funny! I was shaking my head "yes" to a lot of these. Found your blog on Heather's Brain. I homeschool too, and we used to have a black lab named Levi! Anyway, just thought I would let you know that I stopped by...