Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our newest addition!

We have a puppy! This is Levi, he is a 4 month old poochon (poodle and bichon frise). We picked him up on Tuesday afternoon, and it took us until Wednesday evening to think up a name that we all (including my 2 nieces, because they were here, and they are, after all, family hehe) could agree on. He is wonderful! He was in a pet store in the mall so he was used to being all cooped up and just loves that he can roam around whenever he wants. He doesn't whine during the night or anything! The kids have been arguing over him non-stop and that is driving me crazy, but hopefully that's just the newness of him.


Michelle said...

Ahhh...what a little poof ball! How precious!

Anonymous said...

Levi is adorable!!

Homeschooling Momma said...

Aww, thanks :o) Tonya