Monday, January 14, 2008


Just a short post before I head off to work. I've been reading Dave Ramsey's financial books and I'm really energized! Jim is all for being out of debt, he's just not liking the idea of 'no new stuff' until we are. But I've been talking to him and explaining that it wouldn't be forever as we haven't had any credit cards or car payments for several years now. That alone has been a HUGE relief for the both of us! We only have a couple small bills and the house payment. Now that I've gone back to work (even if it's only part-time), I can't wait to figure out how much money we'll save in interest on the mortgage alone!! Jim is a visual-type of person, so I'm going to make some charts and things to hang on our fridge - maybe that'll help with the "stuffitis". LOL


Heather's Brain said...

Tonya, I am just so proud of you guys for going through the financial cheanges. We have only had "Dave" in our lives for a little over a month and this last week we were able to OFFICIALLY do the envelope system. It feels good to be on the right track and running LIKE A GAZELLE from debt!

I would say there are ways to still get stuff so your hubby does not feel trapped and wants to continue the journey...thrift stores are my haven, as I find all sorts of goodies there all the time. But if he prefers them newer...try a yard sale getting rid of things you don't need or want to improve and set those procedes towards the NEW item! If the whole family gets involved you just never know what will happen.

The year we moved to Montana we had a yard sale before we moved...we sold all we could and even the kids went through all their toys too. It was very profitable and the move was easier (less stuff AND more money!) plus it made for a great lesson for the little ones.

I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE SNOW TO MELT...cuz I got lots to sell ;)

Homeschooling Momma said...

When we bought this house last April, we had a HUGE sale because this house is smaller and it just wouldn't all fit. Then after we moved, we had another one because we still had too much stuff. Unfortunately we didn't know Dave back then, it kills me to think about that money and to look at the previous tax returns (which we'll be correcting this too) and having no idea where it all went! I'm definitely going to start telling my "money where to go so I'll know where it went" I love this stuff!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'll have to check Dave's stuff out. We're looking at right now very very very..can I stress very homes that need work but are doable to purchase and have it paid off in 5 years and not have any sort of house payment. Our house wouldn't be a showcase home for a long time but it would be paid for. We looked at one yesterday and needs help..doable but needs help! lol

Homeschooling Momma said...

We sat down again last night for a 'future planning meeting' and were able to mark off 4 more items off our snowball list! Granted they were each small, but I LOVE marking things off any list!! Only 3 more to go then our only debt will be our mortgage! That really helped Jim as I told him it takes an average of 2 - 2.5 years to get where we are in a couple weeks! Yeah!!