Thursday, January 17, 2008

I can't believe it!

It is 9am and I have dinner ready to go! Ryan is over there now chopping things for the macaroni salad! This has been getting harder and harder to do since I've returned to work. We'd get up, do school, fix lunch, then I'd take my shower, and once that was done, I'd trip all over myself trying to get dinner to a point where Jim could finish it up when he got home. I know I keep rambling on about this. I've even been running out of time for me to eat. There's even been a time or two that we had to stop school early because it was time for Jim to come home for lunch. Any suggestions on what I could do to make things run more smoothly? I'd really appreciate them. Here's what I've already thought about:
Get up earlier - UGH, I'm not sleeping as it is.
Tell Jim not to come home for lunch - we have leftovers for lunch, so it's cheaper for him to come here than eat out every day.
Have Jim do more of the dinner cooking - Jim's cooking abilities are SpaghettiOs, and hot dogs. I try to get dinner to a point where all he has to do is bake it. Then I have to leave detailed notes on what to do to finish it up.
Have Jodi help with the cooking - Jim is more of a cook than she is!
Use the crock pot - This interests me, my mil gave me a recipe book. I tried using it last night, but the dish had rice in it and it was all mushy. Looking for more recipes to try.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE my crockpot! You can put the fixings for chili in it and just leave it can toss in foil wrapped potatoes and leave them cook all day and then have topped baked potatoes for supper. I have a recipe that involves potatoes and hamburger and it's like a layer thing which turns out really good! Or you can do a roast with potatoes and carrots, or cube steaks with potatoes and carrots..orrrrr (lol) you can put a roast with onions in it and just let it cook all day, then shred the meat, add a bottle of bbq sauce and then you'll have bbq sandwiches. I rely on my crockpot ALOT!

Homeschooling Momma said...

Thanks so much! :o) Feel free to pass on any other recipes you think of! LOL Tonya

Heather's Brain said...

I am not sure if you have ever seen this but this gal is on my blog roll. Every Thursday she does SLOW COOKER THURSDAYS and has others link to her site to share too. She even has a SEPERATE recipe site. I love what she shares and print them out. Many have been tried and MANY are in a book to KEEP!!!

check it out

bottom line is, no matter what...even if the kids eat spaghetti O's they will be fine. You do what you can when you are there and THEY will do what they can't when you are not.

if your kids are old enough start teaching them some kitchen techniques as a part of school. THIS will get them to WANT to help in the kitchen and that is half the battle!

I will try to find something else to help if I can.

Homeschooling Momma said...

Heather, thank you so much. That was exactly what I needed to hear. Tonya