Friday, October 5, 2007

Time To Make The Donuts

We decided to have our first Tea today(see previous post), thinking Fridays may be a little more relaxed. We made donuts and had orange juice, and Jodi read "The Rainbow Fish." Here's some pictures:

And because I know you're DYING to know -
Homemade Donuts~ canned biscuits
~ icing
~ oil
We used an apple corer to cut the center out of each biscuit. Deep fry in the oil until golden brown on both sides. Decorate and enjoy!

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"My Little Wonders" said...

Donuts mmmmmm! That is so easy, who knew, we are going to have to make them.
It looks like you all had a lovely, Tea the smiles on everyone.
You have a very cute family, we are looking forward to tea with all of you. Great pictures!