Thursday, July 26, 2007

Made from scratch

Yesterday, Jodi and I made this Texas sheet cake. It was delicious! I love that all the ingredients were already in our pantry. It was unbelievably quick. While the cake is baking, you mix together the icing, and the best part is, you pour the icing on while the cake is still warm! You don't have to wait for it to cool completely! I would post a pic - but it's already gone! It's that good!

I know, everyone else on the whole face of the earth already knows about this cake and makes it all the time, but I just found out about it!


Anonymous said...

Ya know, I've never made a Texas sheet cake! I've eaten it but never made it myself. I may have to do this!

p.s. Have fun with the kids tonight! hehehe

p.s.s. Guess what?? My friend calls me and informs me..yes informs me..not ask me...but informs me that her Mom gathered up some stuff to be sold at MY garage sale!!!!! It just peeves me off cause I'm the one who paid for MY ads in not 1 but 2 newspapers, and I'm the one who's putting the money (change) in for the sale. I did ask her if she can possibly get tables and some plastic bags to put the peoples "goodies" in..she said she'll see what she can do. Normally I'm not a potty mouth but in my mind I'm saying "wtf". I have got to learn to just say NO. hhmmph

Anonymous said...

Okay, so today is the big day!! Lord give me strength so that I'm not crabby. I had the alarm set for 6am but ended up getting up at 5:15am *as if that won't make me crabby alone*,lol.

I had to laugh at your niece wanting to go home because for the longest time this one particular boy always always always wanted to stay the night but come about midnight he would want to go we'd take him home. Finally I told the kids that he couldn't stay anymore unless he stayed all night...a year went by and we tried it again..he actually stayed!!

Oh, and hey I'll be right over to get that stuff...hope you're up!! rofl *smarty pants* ;o)

Anonymous said...

Somebody hit your van??? And nobody stopped?? I tell ya: people are rude!

The sale went fine, I only had 1 crabby customer because I wouldn't lower the price on something. Ya can't please everyone! friend paid me half for the ad! Which I was thrilled about. We have already taken a boat load to Goodwill. And I kept some stuff that I'll try to sell via ebay. I'am sooooo happy it's over with!

p.s. Thank you hubby for me for offering to call my friend and her Mom...hehe. You let him know that if he finds out who hit your van I'll come on over and give them a what for!! ;o)