Friday, June 22, 2007

Today's much better than yesterday

Last Tuesday, we went to my sil's house for a cook-out for Grampa P's (Jim's Dad) 69th birthday. I'm not sure if someone was carrying a virus or what was happening, but everyone except for Ryan, Gramma (who was on antibiotics), and I ended up sicker than a dog! The girls were taking turns throwing up and Jim came home early from work for the same reason! Jim and Jodi are completely over it today, but EVERY time Megan gets sick and is throwing up she ends up dehydrated and we usually spend hours in the ER getting IV fluids. Thankfully the last time we were there they gave her a prescription for the nausea and vomiting and it has already saved us 2 trips (counting today) back there! She seems to be doing fine now. Praise the Lord! I'm not sure why Ryan or I neither one ended up sick, I am just so very thankful!

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