Thursday, May 17, 2007

We're back online!!

Yeah! We've been able to re-connect to the internet!! The children have missed it more than not having cable. Will be posting pics of the new house soon. Stay tuned :o)


Anonymous said...

We've done the "no tv for a week" before, and the kids keep saying "hey Mom, why don't you do a no computer for a week"...Ohhh what cute kids! lol ;o)

Can't wait to see your new house!

Homeschooling Momma said...

Beth, I thought they were going to go nuts without the computer! They were begging to go somewhere just to check on their webkinz! It's nice not having that huge cable bill!! We have a set of rabbit ears on top of the TV, and the kids have not complained once about missing certain shows. I guess it doesnt bother them now that it has finally warmed up and they spend most of their time outside