Saturday, February 24, 2007

Roller Skates

Yesterday I took the kids roller skating with our area homeschool group. They love it so much! Megan and Ryan have been begging for us to buy them the regular roller skates, but we haven't been able to find them anywhere! Stores only have the inline skates now. I bought them each a pair at the roller rink yesterday! I think they've only taken them off long enough to sleep, and I'll bet that's what they dreamed about! My kitchen has turned into a mini rink because it is too cold to go outside. I'll have to take a pic to post on here. They are loving it! Ryan just informed me that he can make himself go, but is having trouble stopping - oh boy! Megan loves having the white boot, makes her feel like a pro! Jodi prefers (will only skate with) inline skates, and she is great at it! I still can't figure out how people can even stand on those things!

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Anonymous said...

How fun!! I used to have my own skates, which I taught myself how to skate in my parents basement. After about a year I became a dancer on I wouldn't do it for anything (it hurts to fall now,lol).